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Achieve your business objectives with an incredible website

When it comes to design, following the latest trends is essential. Your business can be the best there is out there. But if your online presence doesn’t mount up to it, you’ll lose customers. Lollipopmedia will tailor a website that will remain true to your brand values, while also respecting the trends and, most importantly, [...]

Get the logo that speaks the language of your brand

Before heading for the success you deserve, you have to define the identity of your business. Because without a strong identity you won’t be able to build a brand and gain the loyalty of customers. So, take a step back and look at things in perspective. If you could condense the whole essence of your [...]

Create a cohesive image for your business

We’re sure you want your business to thrive over the years and grow into a stable, memorable and recognizable brand. To do so, you have to maintain a consistent image, from the logo, to the packaging, web design and overall communication. It’s not an easy task, you’re right. But that’s why Lollipopmedia is here for [...]

Don’t just communicate, impress.

It’s true that the digital world has taken us by storm, but that doesn’t mean that the power of print is gone. On the contrary. A really good print could sweep your consumers away. Because holding something can create a far greater emotional connection. No matter if you want a newsletter, a brochure, a banner, [...]

Discover the craft of a perfect newsletter.

Stay in touch with your consumers and gain new ones with the help of amazing newsletters. Lollipopmedia will help you create a well-designed newsletter that will encapsulate the latest news, offers and special announcements. We’re also ready to start typing the right words, as our team of wordsmiths is always prepared. The process is very [...]

Make yourself noticed in the digital society

Nowadays, the digital world has become a true extension of our reality. People spend a whole lot of time in the social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. And you must be wherever your consumers are, so it’s imperative to build yourself a page. As everything else related to your business, this also must be [...]

Make your presentations catch the eye and attention of clients.

Corporate presentations are very important for your business overall image. These have to be in-line with your brand identity, have a great design and, more than anything, be highly functional. Because, in the end, you want to dazzle your clients. But not with magic. With the amazing real things that your business can do. Leave [...]

Your large-scale marketing materials never looked so good.

Trade-show materials, special event graphics, parking garage signs, booth design, barricade artwork , exterior sign-age, informative graphics, outdoor advertising, you name it, we’ll design it! Getting your business out there means going bold and big with large scale-marketing materials. As the saying goes “If you got it, flaunt it!”. But if you’re doing it big, [...]

Make your brand wearable with great T-shirt designs

T-Shirts are a great way of raising awareness for your business or building a more united environment. Whether you want to use them as promotional materials, contest prizes or just as an internal measure of team building, you must incorporate in their design the core of your brand identity. Lollipopmedia can design a custom T-Shirt [...]

Make your packaging stand out with Lollipopmedia

Even if we don’t like to admit it, good looks go a long way. Especially when it comes to products. If you want people to pick up your brand off the shelves of the stores, you have to make sure that its package gets the right message through, in the most appealing form. If you’ve [...]

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